Deep Purple - Razzle Dazzle

Razzle DazzleDeep Purple3:29

Текст песни Deep Purple - Razzle Dazzle

I don't have the time of day, I don't know
what day it is, some one is falling on my hand,
get up get up,
were going out on the razz,
razzle dazzle,
call it what you want,
to me doesn't matter,
its where I belong,
its a matter of distinction its a real fine line between an ogre of destruction
and a wonderful time.
This room’s so cold and bare there is nothing here for me
I’ve got to find some heat some where get up,

get up,
were going out on the razz,
razzle dazzle, call it what you want,
It really doesn’t matter, when I’m going on the gamp,
if some one is holding out it’s a real congregation
and we can all forget about the state of the nation.
I can’t hear a thing, but I see your lips are moving,
I’m doing a lot of thinking and I thinkey its improving,
I’m going to get the blame so I might as well deliver,
as soon as I get past this weird human river,
with a fist on intention, and a few not to mentions.

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