Deep Purple - The Purpendicular Waltz

The Purpendicular WaltzDeep Purple5:07

Текст песни Deep Purple - The Purpendicular Waltz

Put your money down
Take your choice
That's the way it is
every time with these boys
and you sense no shame
and you feel no disgrace
Somebody wins
somebody loses
It's a dirty dirty race
oh my life
it's a dog's life

One empty Monday
out of the blue
Took a good luck turn
Started something new

Out of the gutter
Out of the rain
Out of my head
and I'm feeling no pain
oh my life/feeling no pain
take the strain
It's a dog's life

Ducking in the shadows

Diving in the dark
Rolling with the punches
Striking at the heart
Touching all the sense's
Breaking those taboos
Bursting at the seams
Blowing all my fuses

The turning of a page
The burning of a book
(If you're) talking out of turn
(It's) just the way you look

When the time is right
But the shape is wrong
and you find yourself
where you don't belong

Back to reality
Back on the line
Back into this and you'll feel no pain
You wanna do it one more time
We can do it once again
Oh my life
It's a dog's life

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