Degrees - Heaven's Missing An Angel

Текст песни Degrees - Heaven's Missing An Angel

Oh, no ...
I hope the man upstairs isn't mad at me
Cause I have one of his angels and she's here with me
Each time I see her precious smile and she spreads her wings
It takes me to a place where love meets eternity

(Oh no) Oh no (I'm not letting go) letting go
I don't want to be alone in this crazy world
(Oh Lord) Oh Lord (I love her so) I love her so
And I'll sacrifice it all to have her in my life

I found my girl, I'll tell the world
That heaven is missing an angel (missing an angel)
My dreams came true (came true, came true)
When I found you (I found my love in you)
Yes, heaven is missing an angel (heaven is missing an angel)

Not a day goes by that I don't thank God for you
He blessed me with my angel though I don't deserve you
Before I met you girl, lonely was my best friend
Now that you are in my life, I am stronger within

I can't wait to kiss my angel late at night

And watch her go to sleep until I see her rise


All that I do is for you
Me, without you girl, just won't do
Oh no, no .....
Your love's all I wanna know
Angel, don't you ever go
Life won't be the same without you, you, you, you, you .....
Oh, oh yeah ...


(I found my girl) I don't know
(I'll tell the world) I love her so
(That heaven is missing an angel)
I don't want to be alove in this crazy world
(My dreams came true) I don't know
(When I found you) I'm not letting go
(Yes, heaven is missing an angel)
I'll sacrifice it everything
Don't take her away

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