Destiny s Child - Happy Face

Текст песни Destiny s Child - Happy Face



I woke up this morning
the sunshine was shining
I put on my happy face
im living, amazing , im breathing, im greatful
to put on my happy face

Verse 1:

I woke up and relized this worlds not so bad after all
looked at it through a childs eyes
and i saw these beautiful
things that you never think about
like the ocean,moonlight, stars and clouds
its amazing how we don't appreciate our blessings

there's plenty of people that don't like me
but THERE'S TEN TIMES MORE WHO LOVE ME and i love my self
sometimes it gets tough it gets tough
but i can't give up can't give up
just take a deep breath for my eyes
feel the love and give a smile


Verse 2:

Its just me....I just wanna be happy UH
just be happy UH
just be happy today
today's the day im willing to say
i will put all the past behinde me
no more enemies
ready for(ready for)
Im living in this world (living in this world)
I wanna make a change(wanna make a change)
Im gonna make a change(gonna make a change)
Put on my happy face


Everything's gonna be alright
Everything's gonna be ok
Everything's gonna be alright (repeat section 5X)

Chorus (2X)

Im flying (till end of song)

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