Destiny s Child - My Song

Текст песни Destiny s Child - My Song

Say lil' mama
What up Woody
Sa-say sa-say lil' mama
Hey girls
It's friday night
I know what we gon' do
You aint go no job
Say what?
You right
You aint got nothing to do
You right
So we going out!
Lets go girls
Aha yeah ha ha ha ha

That's my song DJ, turn that heat up louder, you hear me
That's my song DJ, a little more on the volume you heard me
That's my song DJ, you know you going hard so don't hurt me
That's my song DJ, pump baby pump so let's party

I see some hotties standing outside in the lobb
Waiting patinetly to get their gangsta on
I see some mamas rocking Prada Ortega
Venetta, Christian Dior and Lue Fatone

Oh ooh we, we be rocking for deep in the catty tonight
Oh oh we, we be searching for our sexy daddy's alright
Oh oh we, we be up in the club downtown, we heard it's bumping
Oh oh we, we see it's wack so we rolling down the street, and wepumping


I see my prodas to the left of me
Begging desperately to hook her up with the brother on my right
I'm feeling funny 'cause I kinda wish that money to my right wasfeeling me
But chill, it's alright

Oh oh we, we see fellas jocking, divas balla bloking
Oh oh we, we see drinks being brought and shoulders getting hot
Oh oh we, we see folks flying up, get it crunck get it crunck
Oh oh we, we see party's evil as we turn the track up


Girl look over there
Yo, I know he ain't go them green shoes on
Oh God
And I know she ain't got them cornmuskers on her feets
Look at that pocadot brown suite, what is wrong with him?

Oh oh we
Oh oh we, we see gator beat, pinky rings, and fake rollies
Oh oh we, we see too many Prince spandeks, and ash jeanies
Oh oh we, we see beautyful people having a good time
Oh oh we, it's four o'clock, be back next week the same time


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