Destiny s Child - Separated (Remix)

Текст песни Destiny s Child - Separated (Remix)

(feat. Avant)

I don't care what my mama say
I don't care my what daddy say
'bout what the preacher said for us to do,
i don't care about it

Listen here
I don't care what your brother saw
I don't care it was all your fault
How could you do,what you did to me
You wait til i was sleepin' callin' damn police


Separate,what we gotta do
Separate,talk about me and you

Separate,how it's gonna be
Separate,no mo' you and me

I don't know,whatcha callin' for
So don't you come try kick down my door
Everthing is mine to keep:
Mone,car,crib,my kid,everything

Everything but my boy you can have
I don't care as long as you don't cross my path
Now i know you never cared at all for two
years you've been my downfall


Listen girl,
Never did explain when i saw you in his Benz

So what about the movies and you said it was
"a friend"

In the bathroom talkin' low on the phone

What do you expect when you aint never at home

You see,
I'm workin' all day and hustlin' all night

I'm cookin' and i'm cleaning
All you wanna do is fight

Why me?

Why me?

I think it's bout time that we both move on,we gon'


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