Destiny s Child - Temptation

Текст песни Destiny s Child - Temptation

I know you see me watching you
And I see you watching me
Cause boy your body's callin'
And temptation is killin me
(Repeat 2x)

I'm chillin at this party and my posse's bo deep
And my man on my mind in my hair what did I see
The fellas lookin fly and there was one that caught my eye
So I bit my lip switched my hips as I walked by saying
Sexy boy you're so fly I just might give you a try
I'm a write yo number in the palm of my hand
Oops i forgot i got a man


I'm thinkin to myself should I even take a chance
Should I do whats on my mind or should I stay down with my man
This boy here got me fienin and I'm wantin him so bad
Should I chill or not...with everything i had

Saying sexy boy you so fly I wish i could give you a try
But my man's at home waiting for me by the phone
Sorry cant get my groove on


Temptations is callin
I be wantin you so bad I could cry
Relationships callin me
To do whats wrong but I gotta do right


Temptations is callin
I be wantin you so bad i could cry
Relationships callin me
To do whats wrong but i gotta do right


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