Destiny s Child - Thug Love

Текст песни Destiny s Child - Thug Love

[50 Cent]
What y'all know about this fab shit, huh?
TE baby come on, uh-huh
Trackmasters uh-huh

Look we can shop together mama, his and hers
Fifth Av. shit baby, Fendi furs
I ain't tight with the chips girl
I'm down to splurge
If it's ice you like I'll light up your life (Ooh)
VS2 Clarity alright
I play the block, I ain't the type to punch your clock
I'm the type to put the metal to the floor in the drop
I live life in the fast lane
I make a grove of hash
Hustle hard for cash so I can spoil that ass
It's like she loves me, she loves me not
'Cause her friends pump her head full of bullshit alot
I gave her jewels I imported for her
Chanel bags I bought from boosters
To the hood I introduced her
She's feisty and sometimes she wanna fight me
People's saying if I get knocked she ain't gon' write me
The sick part is all that bullshit excites me

Chorus: [Destiny's Child]
A thug's what I want
A thug's what I need

Even though that my friends don't seem to see
That he laces me with money
He knows when I want it
And I never wanna leave my baby
My thug out no good baby



[50 Cent]


[50 Cent]


[Destiny's Child]
A thug is what I want
And a thug is what I need
And my friends don't understand
How my baby laces me
A thug is what I want
And a thug is what I need
And my friends don't understand
And I think it's jealousy
(a thug's what I want)

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