Diana Ross - Being Green

Текст песни Diana Ross - Being Green

(joe raposo)

One day, as I was walking through my garden, I saw a little frog lying on the ground. and I thought he was sick. so I picked him up and he wasnt sick at all. he was very sad, and he was crying.

I said: whats a matter with you, little frog? and he looked up at me with a lump in his throat, and he said: wribbit!

It aint easy being green

Having to spend each day the color of the leaves

When I think, I think it would be nicer being red

Or yellow or gold

You see, it aint easy being green

It seems to blend in with so many other ordinary things

And then, sometimes, sometimes people pass over you

Because youre not standing out like sparkles on the water

Or like the stars in the sky

But did you know that green is the color of spring

And green can be big like an ocean

And important like a mountain

And cool and friendly-like

Or tall and skinny like a tree

And me

But when green is all there is to be

It kind of makes you wonder why

Why wonder, wonder why?

Hey, Im green and I think itll do fine

cause green is just what I wanna be

cause green is beautiful, baby

Right on green

And anyway, moneys green


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