Dire Straits - Eastbound Train

Eastbound TrainDire Straits3:09

Текст песни Dire Straits - Eastbound Train

It was New Cross Station, I was going on home
Saw you get your ticket, standing on your own
Here come the train about 02:44
I couldn't get a smoker, you took another car

Yeah, the end of the line, we both had to change,
And you're standing right behind me,
I'm a feeling kinda strange
We got to Mile End Road, my heart skipped a beat,
Standing right behind me, I'm a shakin' in my seat
3-4 minutes and the train comes through,
I'm ridin' on the Central, I'm a-lookin' at you.

Woman on the eastbound train,
Sometimes I wanna see you again.

Now I couldn't read a paper, you couldn't read a book,
Kept on taking me another look,
You got off the train, you never looked behind
I tried, but I can't get you out of my mind.

Woman on the eastbound train,
Sometimes I wanna see you again.

Well I got one more thing I wanna say before I go
If you get the message on the radio
You can write a letter, get in touch with me,
Leave your number with the company, yeah.

Woman on the eastbound train,
Sometimes I wanna see you again.

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