Dire Straits - Skate Away

Текст песни Dire Straits - Skate Away

I seen a girl on a one way corridor
Stealing down a wrong way street
For all the world like an urban toreador
She had wheels on on her feet
Well the cars do the usual dances
Same old cruise and the kerbsid crawl
But the rollergirl she's taking chances
They just love to see her take them all

No fears alone at night she's sailing through the crowd
In her ears the phones are tight and the music's playing loud

Hallelujah here she comes queen rollerball
Enchante what can I say don't care at all
You know she used to have to wait around
she used to be the lonely one
But now that she can skate around town
She's the only one

No fears alone at night she's sailing through the crowd
In her ears the phones are tight and the music's playing loud

She gets rock'n'roll a rock'n'roll station
And a rock'n'roll dream

She's making movies on location
She don't know what it means
But the music make her wanna be the story
And the story was whatever was the song what it was
Rollergirl don't worry
D.j. play the movies all night long

She tortures taxi drivers just for fun
She like to read their lips
Says toro toro taxi see ya tomorrow my son
I swear she let a big truck graze her hip
She got her own world in the city
You can't intrude on her
She got her own world in the city
Cos the city's been so rude to her

Come slippin' and slidin'
Life's a rollerball
Slippin' and slidin'
Skate away that's all
Shala shalay hey hey skate away
She's singing shala shalay hey hey

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