Dj Bobo - Change The World

Текст песни Dj Bobo - Change The World


Together well change the world

This is our destiny

And make it a better place

In peace and harmony

Together well change the world

Can be reality

And then we gonna, make it right

And stop the misery

Chorus b:

All the people in every nation

Now we gonna rise above

All the problems and frustration

Now stand up and say enough

Rap 1:

You can call me a dreamer, I guess Im a believer

I believe we can change the world one day

Anyway, sooner or later, were natures creator

We wanna live in peace, stop to run away

Open your mind, the view doesnt get clearer

This is your time, dont let nobody stop ya

Here is your destiny, holding your hand

Lets call it a friend

Rap bridge:

Everybody stand up, up

We can make things better, better

Everybody for peace, peace

Come on lets change the world


Lets change the world - together we are strong

Lets change the world - we know whats going on

Lets change it all - the world is in our hands

We all need peace, we all need hope

Let us change the world

Rap 2:

Stop, step back dont let somebody play the game

Scream it loud, we dont want no black rain

No pain anymore in human history

Im talking about a world, full of melody

My life keeps on running, - just faster and faster

I pray for a wind of change, dont want that disaster

Fighting with spirit, - for everyone, for you and me

This world is my place to be

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