Dj Bobo - Heyamama

HeyamamaDj Bobo4:16

Текст песни Dj Bobo - Heyamama

Heya mama ma heyama
Heya mama ma heyama
Heya mama ma heyama
I've got the music in me

I've got the music in me, deep in me
And I'll never feel alone
I've got the music in me, deep in me
Let it goin' on and on

On our mission to no man's land
We followed the traces in the sand to a
Land, never seen before
without mountains and valleys and lakes without shores
All my friends disappeared
Being alone that's all they feared
Transformed by a metamorphosis
A matter of time and I'll be like this
In the dark there's shining an invisible
Light, cold and bright through the night
Made by an enemy or made by a friend
What does it mean, I can't understand

The drums are calling boom, boom, boom
I'm ready to rumble, when the fight resumes
Left alone on my own, I'm
Captured in a danger zone

Hundreds of voices in the deep dark night
Searching for a light, avoiding the fight
I feel there is someone else beside me
around the tree, mysteriously
Time is running fast, I'm the last of the past,
Time is running fast, I'm the last
I hear the ticking of a bomb inside my head
Tic tac, tic tac waiting for the big attack
I'm the last survivor of the expedition
Of a mission, into a no man's land
Like explorers, like strangers
We saw shades of a dwarf but didn't see the danger
Surrounded by a groove I was hypnotised
Tried to run away but my feet didn't move
Left alone on my own, I'm
Captured in a danger zone

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