Dj Bobo - Invincible

InvincibleDj Bobo4:23

Текст песни Dj Bobo - Invincible

Don't believe you are invincible
Don't believe you are the best of all times
Don't forget where you're from
When your fortune is gone
You wake up, lived a dream
You're not invincible

No way success is on place one, not two
Nothing else counts it seems to be true
No clue what you do, better help yourself
It's all about money, no one cares about you
Here one day, gone one night
You see people twice in your life and they bite not quite
Alright, but there might be a fight
Never forget what's wrong, what's right

Sometimes you forget
Fame is just a gift, take it day by day

Sometimes you forget
You're living in a world, heading far away

Don't fly to high, the landing is tough enough
To rough for you, come back to reality
Madness, to believe you're the hero
Grow up, show up, time for you to wake up
The road is going down the other side of the hill
Keep your feet on the ground - don't kill but
Chill - with all due modesty
Nobody's perfect, don't you agree

One day you're up, one day you're down
Seems like a kingdom but there is no crown
Today you are in, tomorrow you're out
There's no need to cry, there's no need to shout

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