Dj Bobo - Let The Dream Come True

Текст песни Dj Bobo - Let The Dream Come True

Not a broken heart
Now we're gonna start
It's for me and you
Let the dream come true
All I'm gonna do without you
Let the dream come true

Kick it, tip it, flip it, sip it
Shake your boogie round and get wicked
Everybody get on the floor
I've still got room for you to store
Get on your feet, just freak your
Just feel the heat, and get back to the beat
Rub it up, rub it up, rub it up, rub it up
Jump and shake you boogie round and out
Everybody, shake your body.
DJ Bobo starts the party
Up and down, here we go
Don't look back, just let it flow
Up and down don't lose your ground
What goes up must come what's down
Now hold tight, everything's all right
There's no need to fight tonight

It's a break, it don't mean a fake
Boom your ears it's not a mistake
The music's strong and I make this rhyme
It's party time, cause the time is mine

So let's go down, down on the floor
I wanna give you what you've waited for
You know what you want and you wanted now
You know what you want when you hear the sound
Swing your body and have some fun
Now, you're on the run
This track has just begun, it's time for fun
And it hits like a gun
Jump up and down, toss and turn
Right to the round before you burn
Pump the bass right in your face
Just in we start the race

First awaited, then created, then debated, just made it
The feeling's strong, so keep coming on
With the bass and the drums there's nothing wrong
I get on up, take your shoes
Swing your body, get right and loose
One, two, three, four, tipping and tapping
sleeping and slapping, there's no stopping
Friday night, the time is right
Enjoy the vibe, just like a tribe
Take the groove and move it smooth
Bringing it down just for the groove
Kick the steps, but watch your neck
Before you get wrecked, I come correct
This sensational violation, just information for the party nation

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