Dj Bobo - Return To Silence

Return To SilenceDj Bobo4:40

Текст песни Dj Bobo - Return To Silence

Return to silence
We need no violence
Fighting for freedom in a restless world
We are praying for peace
Without pain and disease
Heal the world and close your eyes
Return to silence

Return to silence
We need no violence
Fighting for freedom
Return to silence
Praying for peace
Pain and disease

Where is a real paradise
Where is the land without lies
We just have to find a better way
The loss of heaven is the price we pay
No more nightmares each and every day

We don't need any wars
People wanna change course

They want the union of love
Where's a heavenly place
For the whole human race
Without weapons and wars

Every being on earth, needs a dream in his soul
We need our freedom, let loose of control
The older we get the less we see our way
We think of the past, but now we are trapped
And if I want to know why, we are trying to deny
The loss of heaven's road, is the price we have to pay
Stop violence, let's come to one's sense
Return to innocence

Somewhere inside, we still feel to be a child
Where the eyes are big and the problems being mild
If we try to go against, the current of events
Sometimes we gonna loose but we have to take the chance
Always have in mind, things should change in peace
Searching for someone to help, the sad and lonely trough
It can be me or you, so what we gonna do
I have a clue, for me and for you

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