DMX - Angel


Текст песни DMX - Angel

F/ regina bell

[regina bell harmonizing while dmx speaks]

what good is it..

for a man to, gain the world..

yet lose his own soul, in the process?

[bell] God loves you, yes he does

said youre alright with him

[dmx] I wonder..

Chorus: regina bell (repeat 2x)

I know you never seen him but dont fight with him

Youre gonna make it through the night to the light with him

Uhh, youre alright with him

I said youre alright with him


Im callin out to you lord, because I need your help

See once again Im havin difficulty savin myself

Behavin myself, you told me what to do, and I do it

But every and now and then, gets a little harder to go through it

Losin friends, day by day

Im in so much pain when Im here lord, please take me away

I put you here to do a job, and your work aint done

to live is to suffer, but youre still my son

and there will be a time when you shine as bright as the stars

but there wont be a, his or hers, just ours

then youll see what Ive been tryin to show you, all these years

do the right thing; cause after the tears, come the cheers

I will, my lord, with my heart, and my soul

Thats gonna be how I roll, from now until Im old

Lead and Ill follow, you take away the sorrow

Ima sleep on what you said and holla back tomorrow



I want you to know lord, that for what youve given me Im thankful

Sincerely, from the bottom of my heart, Im grateful

You gave us power in our words, so I think before I speak

And that way when I speak, they know Im here to teach

Cant tell em nothin wrong, cause I love em too much

I reach a lot of people, and lord, Im lovin the touch

But deep inside, Ive got somethin thats workin against

Everything I know is right, what I know makes sense

thats when you must fight harder, than youve ever fought before

cause what youve got goin on inside you is a war

between good and evil, be careful of those who wanna be you

they smile, but are not really happy when they see you

be careful of the ones that always wanna get you high

cause when the time comes, that onell let you die

listen to me! Im here, but I can only help you

if you want me to help, what do you want for yourself?



My lord, my saviour, dont judge my behaviour

But instead, take whats in my heart and put it in my head

See I guess I really never knew, how proud I made you

My life is yours, my soul I gave you

I dont know if Ill do good enough (hes by your side)

And we both know the hood is rough (right by your side)

Sometimes I dont know what to do (x, dry your eyes)

But I know what I gotta do (itll be alright)

You keep givin me the word, and Ill put it to song

Talk to me, Ill talk to them, and we cant go wrong

This is the start of somethin strong, and this is just the start of it

Praises to you my lord, for lettin me be a part of it

I was that kid that, been there, did that

Became ashamed so I hid that

But, aint no longer with that

Use me as an example - if I can do, then they can too

With the lord behind us, there aint nothin that we cant do


[regina bell]

Hes by your side

Right by your side

X, dry your eyes

Cause itll be alright

Yeah, hes by your side

Right by your side

X, dry your eyes

Cause, itssssssssss gonna be alright

Yeah yeah, yes it isssssssssss

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