DMX - Bring Your Whole Crew

Текст песни DMX - Bring Your Whole Crew

Aiyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!! C'mon!!
Uhh! Uhh-HUH!
But they don't hear me though
Uhh, but they don't hear me though,
Uhh, but they don't, they don't, they don't, they don't..

I got blood on my hands and there's no remorse
and got blood on my dick cause I fucked a corpse (C'MON!)
I'm a nasty nigga - when you pass me nigga look me in my eyes (WHAT!)
Tell me to my fuckin face that you ready to die (C'MON!)
You be a dead motherfucker, red motherfucker
Don't be stupid, you heard what I said motherfucker
Who shot you? Aww nigga, like you don't know (WOO!)
Stickin you for yo' dough while I'm fuckin yo' broke ho (WHAT!)
Yo! Don't you get the picture? Niggaz can't touch me (UHH!)
Cause I don't give a fuck G, I'll get you touched B
I got choice, to rip my slug or take apart a door
and enough crazy niggaz behind me to start a war (C'MON!)
So what you want nigga? Help, cause youse about to rest (UH!)
When I'm fed, Red Cross couldn't clean up the mess
And a vest will do nuttin but make you look a little thicker (YEA!)
Cause in the dark - you ain't nuttin but a LIL' NIGGA (WHAT!)
And if you'd been thinkin about that shit you did
You wouldn'ta brought the joint, wit you kid,
now I'ma have to get you kid, and split your wig, wit the machete (WHAT!)
I bring beef to niggaz, and string em out, like spaghetti (C'MON!)
You ain't ready - nor can you stand how I'm bringin it (UH!)
I'm givin it is how I'm livin it so I'm swingin it (UH!)
Red dot on your head, cause youse in mid range
Red dot on your chest, opens up your rib cage

Chorus: Ruff Ryders (repeat 4X)

I just love when a nigga bring his whole crew
It's just a bigger piece of cake for me to chew a hole through

Now if your heart was as big as your mouth, you'd be real

But it's not - so I know if you get knocked, you'll squeal
like a bitch, cause you is a bitch and always been a bitch (oh, OH, OHH!)
And you know how niggaz do a bitch we run up in a bitch (OHH!)
Put something in a bitch - nigga do you know me, nigga do you owe me? (Uh-huh)
Figured you could blow me? Well I'ma let this trigger fill you homey
Y'all niggaz gots to be smokin somethin thinkin you chokin somethin (uhhh)
Fuckin around wit me you'll be a broken somethin (WOO!)
I'm out for 'Blood' with the 'Crips' at war
How much shit could you talk wit your lips on the floor?
Pussy niggaz make me itch, so I scratch, youse a bitch (uh, UH, UHH..)
So I snatch up your face, fake-ass pencil I scratch you (..UHH, UHH, C'MON!)
Yeah there was a time, when I woulda jumped up and choked this nigga
(BUT NOW!) But now I'm on some shit like, Yo.. smoke this nigga! (Uh-huh!)
I'm bout to find out how much guts you got before I spill em
Somebody come and get this muh'fucker before I kill him (PLEASE!)
ARRRRF! Fresh out the asylum, I'm whylin
Y'all niggaz know the phone numbers for help you best to dial em (AY!)
Nine-one-one, emergency, the urgency
will have witnesses seein what the surgeon see (WOO!)
How far you gon' get, wit your dome split fool!
I catch your man slippin cause he think his shit cool; (C'MON)
but it ain't, so I paint the walls with his blood (UH, UH, UH)
Another dick in the mud - nigga WHAT!!


[Ruff Ryders]
Hey yo you know who this is for..
they let the dogs in the door (c'mon c'mon, yeah)
Hey yo you know who this is for.. (c'mon)
they let the dogs in the door (yeah yeah)


Chorus 1/4X

[Ruff Ryders]
I just LOVE..

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