DMX - Do You

Текст песни DMX - Do You


That "t" would help though

Here we go again

Yeah, check it out, yall

Check it out, check it out

Check it out yall, check it out yall

Straight y.o. mother fuckers

Now days cats and middleman, little man, aint controlling shit

Talk about holding bricks, but aint holding dick

Niggas talk real slick, but thats about it

Soon as I see em headed my way, I cut them off quick

Must you beat me in my head everytime I come through?

Its shit like, everybody tells me I sound just like you

But you got me, got me? and you cant live without me

If I wasnt dmx, you wouldnt give a fuck about me

Aint about "dog I wanna be just like you"

How about you wanting to be just like you?

You can do what I do, just in your own way

Shit, I get niggas that ride big every fuckin day (i-ight? )

If you got talent, talent is yours, it cant be mine

And it take you where its gon take you, itll be fine

Let me hit em with the rewind

Do you and Ill do me

To me youll see how real youll be

[1] - do you - cuz what it boils down to its true

Do you - cuz you are held accountable for you

Do you - is that really what you want me to see

Do you - cuz imma do me, truley

Do you - cuz what it boils down to, its true

Do you - cuz you are held accountable for you

Do you - is that really what you want me to see

Do you - cuz imma do me, truley

Hey yo dog, I got lyrics

Hey yo dog, I got beats (word)

Damn, is this the type of shit I gots to put up with in the streets?

Used to be able to walk, not have to talk to nobody

Everywhere I go its like I bring the whole party

It aint about tryin to follow or tryin to be like

But if we all see it through the eyes of the lord, we see a light (cmon)

Just let me get a hold of the mic, Ill teach you a little something

Now the good things that go wrong because of a little frontin

Express yourselves, be who you are, umm umm, youre a shining star

You dont even know what you got inside

How the fuck you gon find out, you keep wanting to ride

Hey yo, I aint gon let it slide no more

Youre best to go for what you know

Cant do you, then what you flow for

You aint gon get there tryin to be me, dog

Look through your eyes, see what you see

[repeat 1]

Like fuck it, you wanna be me? heres what you do

Grow up neglected by both parents and still pull through

You gots to come up fucked up, get treated like shit

Then have your mothers new boyfriend smack you like a bitch turn into a killer,

Dont carry shottie

Cuz the way its goin down right now, you gon kill somebody

Get a dog, walk the streets, learn what you need to learn

Better have a cause but because youll get burned

You got 15 years without ever coming out

And beat your fist at the world and what they talkin about

Then get locked up every two years

For two years keep it real, hold back all tears, face your fears

Become a man before your time, rap but live out your rhymes

Let em know whats on your mind, then youll get your shine

In time, everything you hear will come true

But you wont be doin me, youll be doin you

[repeat 1 until fade]

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