DMX - Go Head

Текст песни DMX - Go Head


Ruff ryder nigga, volume 2

We show niggas the meaning of ryde or die

So all that bullshit you talking, go head nigga


You dont gotta slap me five or give me a hug

And it hurts when you gotta kill a nigga you love

But Im gone deal wit my enemies sooner

Cause I gotem looking for my solo album like kennedy jr.

Fuck crush ice, go head and get your shine on

Im bout to cop rocks that yall niggas can climb on

Dont worry bout why I aint got mine on

I want some new shit, I dont want nothing that you can tell time on

Things aint all good right now

Cause some more niggas die an turn all you in the hood right now

Yall can stop acting like that nigga j gone squeeze

Cause all I got is misdeameanors and some acds

Yall gon make me lay something down I promise

And puff wear scarmas and listen to carl thomas

Puff running and hide and we coping more guns

An we coming outside cause somebody gotta die


Go head you know we getting plenty of dough

Go head you know we lighting plenty of dro

Go head you know we coming from y-o

Go head truly though go head really though

Go head you know we hitting plenty of hos

Go head you know we ripping plenty of shows

Go head you know we coming from y-o

Go head truly though go head really though


Now I warned yall niggas that sheek was the one

Now Im warning yall niggas that I got my gun

Read to kill, dont worry bout no doctor bill

It aint gone be one of those just yo casket clothes

Lox, nah you rather fuck wit the cops

Cause I pop and turn yall like the optimum box

No paper feud, its straight hate wit dude

So Im hungry and let the morgue zip up your crew

You wanna hope on our dicks and go whilly yo bikes

And wear ruff ryder tees, motherfucker please

You a poke-a-nose nigga, want you stick to the skis

And I dont hear a nigga raps no more

So I dont bother to go in the store an cop yall shit

Only time I cop yall shit if lox on it

I shoot you in yo mouth aint no calling the cops

I want my shit back like cash flo and elians pop



Im always that, Im always this

But the floor stay nasty like hallway piss

If you here the p spitting its a deep ass song

When I die mama bury me wit street clothes on

Cause drama be the threapy, the beef goes on

Shouldve been speaking out of it makes it a lot

But I was fucking wit the savages, kicking the drop

Live for the money, die for my niggas, run from the law

Catch me smoking my weed or fucking your whore

Push my whip to the limit kind of hoping it flip

Throw my clip to the tip kind of hoping you flip

I feel sorry for the crackheads, but happy for myself

So I got mixed feelings about this hussling shit

I keep saying Im gone quit after a couple of bricks

But I cant stop building and I dont pop children

But I got no problem kidnapping a bitch

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