DMX - Im a Ruff Ryder

Текст песни DMX - Im a Ruff Ryder

Ryde or die vol. 1


Baby, Im a ruff ryder

Heeeeeyy, yeah yeah

Im a ruff ryder....

Verse 1

Woke up one sunday mornin

At the crack of dawn and, oh no

My baby left a letter

Tellin me dont forget her (oh no)

She said I wasnt able

To keep our love stable

She knew that I was fooling around (oh yes she did)

She saw me with a girl downtown, downtown...


So your sayin that you love me baby

But your gone forever and more, and more, and more

(Im a ruff ryder)

And your gonna be sorry baby

Cause I want you more than before, and more, and more, and more

(Im a ruff ryder)

Verse 2

Now as the letter goes on

Im reminded of the times when she all alone

All the days that shes cried

But not once did I ever see the pain in her eyes(oh no)

She said that I was wrong

That a man that doesnt care

Is up all alone (silly ass nigga)

If I could do it all again

Girl I know one thing

Is I would not let you go


You walked away, with nothin to say

Said your tired of the games I played

There aint nothin that I wouldnt do

To find a way to get back to you

Now your gone and Im all alone

Wish that you, would come back home

You know I need you here in my life

All I wanna do is try to make it right

Chorus to fade

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