DMX - Inc Anthem

Текст песни DMX - Inc Anthem

[intro: jay-z]

Whut the fuck?

Niggaz, yall ready for this

Bitches, yall ready for this

Ha, alright. lets bounce

[verse 1: jah rule]

Im startin to flow

You know,

Thats what niggaz wit do do, yo

Red means stop, green means go

Right now I see green

You wanna stop

Oh no

What are you anyway nigga, friend or foe

Dont fuck wit me, or i-n-c

Nigga, what the fuck, are you crazy

Cant believe dat shit, tryin act swayze

Youd be better off lazy

So shut the fuck up right now, and maybe

Murder i-n-c will show mercy

Cuz first b

We dont fuck wit dem, uninterested niggaz

You know who Im talkin about

Those niggaz that started to bust out

Soon as our first joint came out

Holla holla, if I could have a dolla

For every nigga that hated me soon as i-n-c was on blaze

But I dont give a fuck

I said not a flying fuck

Ja rule, murder i-n-c, make ya say whut whut

[hook: jay-z, ja rule, and dmx]

The murder i-n-c

Yeah nigga

Just you and me

Fuck around

Catch bullet from me

Cause there aint no fuckin around

Whenever the i-n-c is in town [3x]

[verse 2: dmx]

(dog growling, then barking)

D-m-x, my dogs gonna bite you

Gonna fuck you up, just cause they like to

How the fuck you gonna fuck around wit organized crime

God damn, we live what we speak in every fuckin rhyme

Yo, ja (what the deal, x? )

Heres a twenty, go get me a fuckin dime

Now, back to this murder shit

Light my fuse, my teeth begin to grit

Party wit my crew, fuck you

You aint playin wit no screw, or a smack

Cause when I attack, I never take back

Anything bad I do or say, cause yo that shit is wack

And I just luv when you niggaz bring your whole crew

Its just sme more beef to stick you to

And fuck you, now its plain to see,

It aint to smart fuckin wit murder i-n-c


[verse 3: jay-z]

Dem niggaz aint prepared

For dis shit we prepared

Got every nigga scared

Cause of all the fuckin shit that we shared

And dont none of them niggaz

Wanna fuck around

Were never gonna find a common ground

Many niggaz wanna know, does murder sound like this

Were three hip-hop philanthrapists

But, we dont give no muney, we dont give a fuck so...

When the light is green

Its time to go

I dont care who you know

You still payin full price, to our show

Fuck no, I wont give em to you free or with a discount yo


You aint gettin nada from us

Cause niggaz always get a lotta money from us

That aint the thug way

Nigga, dont try and play

Hold the fuck up, are you gay


Well anyway

Its time to say

Final goodbyes

And one more thing, this shit I just rapped about

And none of it are lies

Next step is to come in, fuck your boo

When Im through

All shell be able to say is jigga whut jigga who

And ask her who her man is

Shell tell you

Shell put her finga on the trigga

Pull and yell jigga my nigga


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