DMX - Its Murda

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Uh huh

Yall motherfuckers ready or what?

Is yall motherfuckers ready or what?

I dont think you are

I dont think so!

They got my back against the building

Im the villian thats creeping around corners

Like shorty you see them niggas reaping around, warn us

Unless he coming through, gunning through, running through

So be careful what you do

See them slugs might come to you

As long as I can remeber, the streets have kept me safe

And ever since that time in december, the heats been in my waist

I need an extra set of eyes so I keep my dogs with me

Doctor says let them die till this fucking dog bit me

I dont know whats wrong with me

But it seems like since you heard of us

Yall niggas been wanting to murder us

(? ) the third of us

Still against me

And wanting to see me in the box

Grilling me all crazy when you see me in the locks

Leave you dead (red? ) like fox

Aint nothing funny about that

I see you in a coma, aint coming up out that

You hold on for too long and they aint pulling the plug for you

Ill run up in the joint myself and bust another slug for you

Its murda

Its murda motherfuckers


I take a squat then post up with the toast up

I bring beef to a closure

Know somethin?

(? )

Im loathesome

I scream out fuck the world then I throw something

Niggas scheming hard but fuck it, its the god

I leave bullets lodged leave you leaning on your broad

And our punks leave you gagged up in your car

Slumping kennedy-style with your memory out

What the fuck yall want?

Daddio with the calico

Let the gaty blow leave you bleeding on your patio

I leave rivals on their backs looking up at the sky blue

Not only do I leave you I hide you

I before you

X and ja-rule

Death before the (sauna? ? ) now and prior to

Boss man spy on you

Conspire you

Me die before you?

You liar, you

Niggas is dead off the hits I improve

Fuck it, I got the feds who aint buy it to

Yall niggas dont listen

When the streets are in prison

When we find them we twist them

They fucking up missing

Yall dont understand we want yall all to hate it

Its murda

Murder incorporated

Its murda

In crime we all related

Its murda

See if yall can fake it


Ima murderer and murdering anything that moves

Through ya nine niggas

Straight do or die niggas

Caught up and fall victim to the worst shit

X, jigga, and ja as expected

Shot on the world and reflect it

Niggas dont respect it

So get it the worst way

Fuck with the wolves you get hunted like prey

Shot up in broad day

Now everybody want you

Im feeling like: stupid didnt the inc. warn you the first time

Its murda

Whenever you see blood

Its murda

Lay you down for the love

Thats us

Leave the lights on

Knife through your windpipe

Cause most of your niggas aint cut right

You thinking its alright

But it aint

Im paralyzing clowns up and down from the waist

Giving niggas facelifts and taking it

While making you bleed

And if I got a taste of the shit Im taking more than you need

Its nothing but love between me, you, and these slugs

Hit him up wrap his body up in (? ) rug

Who holding the heat?

Who leaving niggas cold in the street?

Yall know me, ya (? ), ja-rule the o.g.

Niggas better watch me closely

Get a grip, its hennessy that fuels all that murdery shit

When I look in the mirror my reflection is killer

Jigga, x, ja niggas

Its murda

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