DMX - Its On

Its OnDMX3:25

Текст песни DMX - Its On

Ugh dmx


Is yall motherfuckers ready for the ruff ride!


[1st verse]

When I speak Im understood, my decision is wood

See what Im able to see, (ugh) cuz my vision is good

Its like I see through the eyes of a wise old man

So I chill, and when I can kill this guys whole fam

Something better to be thought dumb and remain silent

Then to open your mouth and remove (? ) cuz if it came violent

See Im gonna give it to you straight, so you dont ask anymore

You dont really want what you asking me for

Its a war (ugh), when its on its on, when Im long (what)

Till Im gone and I aint got long

But while Im here, (ugh) yall niggaz gonna burn

Be (? ) after this money (what) and yall niggaz gonna learn

All this fucking weak youve been talking about that driveby

And they did nothing but drivebys

Listen shorty Im telling you this for your own good

(uhh) everybody is the man in they own hood, for real

[chorus x4]

Yeah cuz if its on its on

Bitch niggas keep frontin then your ass is gone!!

[2nd verse]

I always keep my enemies the closest (uhh)

Always make sure I know where the toast is (uhh)

Always cover my tracks when I creep

Always get away when Im done to relax to d

I always know the rules of the game before I play

And always keep enough dough to know Im good for the day

Always walk my dogs off the leash and

Always get my thoughts off the streets and

Always will ever lend a hand in borrow

And always no matter what plan for tomorrow

I always pay my respects to the dead

I always take at least one blunt to the head

Now always know -- (cut off) is gonna end up getting fucked

And always know-- (cut off) is gonna end up getting stuck!

Im always strapped; Im always cracked

Ive always rapped; its always that

Always black

[chorus x4]

[3rd verse]

Never try to knock off rock on the block that aint yours

Never take a mans life cuz you hate yours

Never become so involved with something that it blinds you

Never forget where you from someone who reminds you

Never take for granted whats been given as a gift

And if I sleep on -- (cut off) left that nigga stiff

Never turn your back on -- you dont trust

Never turn your gat on -- and dont bust

Never expect to give away with cent -- more than twice

Never forget you could get it too for a price

Never bring a two and -- if you scared to die

Never gonna do it -- if you scared to drive

Never gonna be another day it gets dark

Never get it -- here for the heart

Never say never, cuz I never thought, this never thought never

Ever caught better, getting cheddar, with doing better, dmx!

[chorus x4]

Uhh dmx



Ruff ryders


Yall niggaz dont know, how its gonna go, for real (uhh!)

Its dark & hell is hot

Y-o motherfucker

School street

Home of the brave we all here baby

Mundo! telemundo!


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