Donell Jones - My Apology

Текст песни Donell Jones - My Apology

[Verse 1:]

Oh why Oh why Oh why you let me do the things I do
But you never did it to me?
I can't believe that I could treat my baby so uncool
All she ever wanted was me
Many nights I watched her cry from silly sh-t I put her through
Like havin females callin the crib
Wish that I could just rewind all the years I hurt ya boo


That's the Gemini in me
Got split personalities
Stop and check on that high with me
I'm a provider G
Bills paid on the first you see
Keep a pocket full of currency
You said you'd never leave
Now you tryna turn ya back on me
Understand you got no trust in me
But I'll change for you

If you promise that you'll stay with me
Please accept my apology

[Verse 2:]
Looking back I know that I physically neglected you
Cuz we wasn't havin no sex
Many years screamed and yelled, ranting and raving like a fool
Mentally abusing you
I hope it's something left inside cuz girl I wanna be with you
Got to know I'm willing to change
Wish that I could just rewind all the years I hurt ya boo


That's the Gemini in me [echo]
Gemini in me, Gemini in me
Don't you leave

[Chorus til end]

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