Donell Jones - Pushin

Текст песни Donell Jones - Pushin

1 - You just keep on pushing
You won't let it get away
You've got my mind thinking
We won't see another day
If you keep on reaching and stressing me
You might just push me away, hey

Girl you've always got some drama going on
Somebody told me that they saw you in an ex-man's arms
Drinking and laughing, passions spashing Alizae
And you caught an attitude when I asked you what you had to say
Don't get it twisted cause I catched it on the low
But you got me open like I've never been before
You come home late at night, I'm chilling with my friends
Then comes an argument
You got me thinking about leaving you again

Repeat 1

Nothing is easy when it comes to loving you

I know your not feeling me the way that you used to
And now that I floss and toss, ice all over my wrist
You wanna run back to me
But it's so hard to forget
I took you shopping, tricking your g's up at the mall
Whenever I page you lady you don't return my calls
I don't wanna playa hate but girl it's not a game
I can't take you serious so I gotta get away

Repeat 1

Girl you've been macking seriously from the door
And I should let you know
This right here ain't yours no more
So stop blowing up my pager
Coming, acting like a stranger
Calling me, pushing me away, yeah

Repeat 1

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