Dope Stars Inc - Lost (Remixed By Kmfdm)

Lost (Remixed By Kmfdm)Dope Stars Inc4:29

Текст песни Dope Stars Inc - Lost (Remixed By Kmfdm)

Rays and waves surround you
Since the 1st day of youth.
And it's so natural for you.
Natural state where your body grew.
But now it just appear so obvious.
Living in a dreamfall.
Virtual reality is your world.
I thought it can't be true but it's so real.

Lost inside a frame.
A world created to tame your mind-sphere.
Living as a light-wave
In hollow worlds without an exit.
I would run away

But all just stay the same
Cause it's too late for me in this world.
Late for every dream i had too.

And now you see the whole truth.
Oh my little cold brood.
You see a picture made for you.
Digital state to learn logic rules.
You are my son my own creation.
New age revelation.
Virtual reality is your home.
I have programmed for you a way to feel.

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