Dr Dre - Rat-Tat-Tat-Tat

Rat-Tat-Tat-TatDr Dre3:48

Текст песни Dr Dre - Rat-Tat-Tat-Tat

hey man, don't you know
in order for us to make this thing work
we gotta get rid of the pimps, and the pushers, and then start
all over agian clean
NIGGAZ you crazy!
Once again
the mighty Death Row organization commitin' mass murder
and we ain't askin for shit, nigga we takin'
it, so Dre, BLAST they ass nigga
Rat-tat-tat-tat late at night with my gat
on the streets of LA
wonderin' where the pussy at
staright for ya, looking for a hoe
hangin' out, rollin in my '64
16 swicthes for the niggaz in my hood
17 shells so i make it understood
stay back, lay back, way back in the cut
ya come outside nigga ya gettin' fucked up
but i told ya, Creep, Creep ya best move
like Luthor Vadros, fuckn' up the west coast
i'm right back up in ya when ya nut
1-2-3 nut, from the D-R-E but
this is for the hoes that i used to know
when i didn't have my '64 and a lot of doe
i keep ya this and like that
and i...
Never hesitate to put a nigga on his back
rat-tat-tat-tat tat ta tat like that, and i..
never hesitate to put a nigga on his back
rat-tat-tat-tat tat ta tat like that, and i...
Never hesitate to put a nigga on his back
Ohh wait, that's that nigga that owe ya that grip
ya,t ehre that fool is
break him off proper then
what's up, what's happinin' ?
i'm the man
nigga you delinquent, can i get those in?
nigga, pay this nigga here
[i ain't got yo money]

well, yo, check this out, nigga
what's up *slaps around some guy that owes them money*
what's up?
what's up?
ya motherfucker
[i'll be back though, i'll be back]
ya, you ain't never comin' back
Never hesitate to put a nigga on his back
yeah nigga
Rat-tat-tat-tat like that, and i..
never hesitate to put a nigga on his back
Creepin and peepin' and i can get with these
the chronic, slangin' fat keys from my block
and it don't stop
tell me where ya wanna go
to the strip
or take a trip bawlin' with the row
my shit off in ya system
indo smoke in ya lungs, like that
and you can lift it, on, and a fist a bomb
takin' away like hell at Veitnam
California, back in and on a mission, makin a point
ain't no fuckin' competition
they wish they was a runnin' up in reality
CPT, CAL my locality
it's strage how i re-arange and change the buisness
by droppin' shit like this
dope, ya can't cope with the real
i peal, in the penatentaries, and when i kill it goes...
rat-tat-tat-tat like that, and i... never hesitate to put a nigga on his
Straight up, now you niggaz know where my homey's comin' from
so quit the chit-chat, before ya find yourself flat on your biz-out, fool
it's 9-duce, Dr Drizzay, is sittin on Tizzart! it don't stop
treartin' buster's like a punk ass kizzart!

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