Dragonland - The Battle Of The Ivory Plains

The Battle Of The Ivory PlainsDragonland6:16

Текст песни Dragonland - The Battle Of The Ivory Plains

Early morning with a scent of death in the air
The first ray of light breaks free upon the hills

We all gaze upon the distant plains
To see a dark line filling the horizon
The hordes will charge down on us like a thunder storm
We will be heavily outnumbered

Oh, bewildered horizon
The ground will be drenched in red
All nature dies out
The horns sound for the battle to begin

As bodies clash together and steel ploughs through flesh
Salutations to the end with death we dance

We fight for our lives like a whirlwind
The elves with arrows that covers the sky
With flails and axes the dwarfs shout their battlecries
But it seems that we don't stand a chance

Oh, bewildered horizon
The ground now is drenched in blood
All nature's died out
Endless the battle seems

As my companions go down one by one
I know that this must end before the day is gone

With fear and rage we make our final assault
But they are flanking us, crushing us and killing us
Then i feel a pain and it's flashing before my eyes
Everything turns black

Oh, darkened horizon
The sun will shine no more
All light has died out
We could not save dragonland this time...
shiloanne | Текст

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