Dragonland - The Orcish March

The Orcish MarchDragonland5:57

Текст песни Dragonland - The Orcish March

[Music: Magnusson, Holmlid Lyrics: Magnusson, Heidgert]

"From the darkest caverns and dankest caves of Dragonland the dark hordes
of undead and nightly creatures of the dusk crept forth.
Awakened by thy evil one incarnate..."

From a sunless domain we march
Death to all we have no hearts
In our veins runs a burning blood
Which only the killing can quench

Thirst for death guides our way
Born of the night, for evil we fight
Seeing the world in grey, no joy, no love
To walk against this is our way

I call upon my servants the goblins, trolls and orcs

We shall march into human lands and we shall burn their homes

We thunder towards the light
Yes, entranced we're stalking the night
The heavens now are burning
We will bring the end to all

Undying shades in a world of lights
That we are and in forever we'll be
For we know we will win this war
And will sing of the darkened hordes

I shall erect my throne upon a mountain of their bones
Then oh my children we shall drink their blood

[Solo: O.M, N.M, E.H]

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