Dubstar - A Certain Sadness

Текст песни Dubstar - A Certain Sadness

Look out the window at that rainstorm
I've let the wind blow up a brainstorm
And now I'm wondering
Whether weather like this gets
You too

It may go on like this for
Too late in fall for April
So I will court you
Got a thought or two
I need to share with you
Here goes...

Darling, tell me now
Have I done wrong somehow
That you won't look at me?

Needn't point it out
Can't keep my wits about
When you won't look at me

Is there something I ought to know

You're finding hard to say
Well there's just a trace hiding on your face
And I've learnt it that way

Just another soul
That really knows my soul
And you won't look at me
Does that take the prize
How much I love those eyes?
And they won't look at me

Now the rain has gone
But something lingers on
A certain sadness here
Now that the sky is clear

And it's oh so clear
Yes, it's oh so clear
To me now

And I can't help but fear
That certain sadness here to stay...

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