Duran Duran - Midnight Sun

Midnight SunDuran Duran3:39

Текст песни Duran Duran - Midnight Sun

As I watch you flickering slowly
In the shadows, nothing to hold
Its as if I dont recall our time before
And would it be so wrong
Not to remember?

There are times I look at you differently
Like Id never seen you before
Funny after all weve done
You could be someone I don't know at all
(Dont know you at all)

Catch me I dont want to fall

But you pull the mountain from under me
Look, Im dangling up in the blue
And its a cartoon coyote eternity
Before I drop down to you
What am I supposed to do now?

There is something beautiful shining
In the far off night of your hair
Funny for a while it seemed to come from the sky
But its in your head
Yes it fills your head

You and I dont always fly
Let me go I want to fall
Deep into the dark
But Ill get back to you
And Ill always know how to find you
Cause you shine like the midnight sun

Yes I'll always be here beside you
When I follow the midnight sun

Follow follow follow the midnight sun.

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