Eagles - lyin eyes

lyin eyesEagles6:24

Текст песни Eagles - lyin eyes

City girls just seem to find out early
how to open doors with just a smile.
A rich old man an she wont have to worry,
shell dress up all in lace an go in style.

2.Late at night a big old house gets lonely.
I guess evry form of refuge has its price.
An it breaks her heart to think her love is only
given to a man with hands as cold as ice.

3.So she tells him she must go out for the evening
to comfort an old friend, whos feelin down.
But he knows where shes goin as shes leaving.
She is headed for the cheatin side of town.

You cant hide your lyin eyes,
and your smile is a thin disguise.
I thought by now youd realise
there aint no way to hide your lyin eyes.

On the other side of town a boy is waiting
with firy eyes and dreams no one could steal.
She drives on through the night anticipating,
cause he makes her feel the way she used to feel.


She rushes to his arms they fall together,
she whispers that its only for a while.
She swears that soon shell be comin back forever,
she pulls away an leaves him a smile.


She gets up an pours herself a strong one,
an stares out at the stars up in the sky.
Another night its gonna be a long one,
she draws the shade and hangs her head to cry.

She wonders how it ever got this crazy,
she thinks about a boy she knew in school.
Did she get tired, or did she just get lazy,
shes so far gone she feels just like a fool.

My, oh, my, you sure know how to arrange things,
you set it up so well so carefully.
Aint it funny how your new life didnt change things,
yourre still the same old girl you used to be.

...There aint no way to hide your lyin eyes.

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