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Текст песни Elton John - Slow Down Georgie (She's Poison)

Hey there Georgie got a couple of things to say
One you're my friend, and two it's hurting me
Seeing you act this way
But my hands are tied and I can only try to talk you out of a fall
`Cause the reputation of the woman you're dating's
About as nasty as the Berlin wall

Slow down Georgie she's poison
Man you've got to watch yourself
She's gonna get in your head, she's gonna crawl in your bed
You're just a stepping stone for someone else

Slow down Georgie she's poison
She's just another divorcee
An undercover lover of a hundred
Other little fish in the sea

You better cut her loose before she gets her hooks in you
If you give her the world, and it was covered in pearls
She'd only ask for the moon
She's got you hypnotised, with her big brown eyes
And a body that could stop a clock
But if you think your face ain't gonna be replaced
Georgie boy you're in for a shock

Well it ain't my job to rain on your parade
But if the chips were down, you'd do the same for me
It's always been that way
She's got you paralysed with a pack of lies
About honour and the single girl
And if you buy that line you must be out of your mind
You must be living in another world

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