Elton John - The Wide-eyed And Laughing

Текст песни Elton John - The Wide-eyed And Laughing

Music by elton john, caleb quaye, james newton-howard and davey johnstone
Lyrics by bernie taupin
Available on the album blue moves

Are you still in control of the boat that you row
Or do you still cling to me when its sinking
I never condemned you, i only consoled you
When candlelight made me a king

For the wide-eyed and laughing
Passed like a season
Erasing a passion to sin
For no one knew better than the tealeaves and the tarots
That the wide-eyed and laughing

Were just one step ahead of the wind

And the hearts that you played on the porch swing for me
Was a song that i'd heard in the past
For i had an audience somewhere inside you
That applauded whenever you laughed

Gone is a word that i now rarely use
Though sometime in the course of a day
I go racing back like a man possessed
By the wide-eyed and laughing daughters of some different age

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