Elton John - Tinderbox

TinderboxElton John4:26

Текст песни Elton John - Tinderbox

Nostradamus said I predict
That the world will end at half past six
What he didn't say was exactly when
Was he listening to the radio?
Was he listening to the government?

Well he got us spooked anyway
We'd been running hot up until today
But a wind of change blew across our sales
We were coasting on a winning streak
We were kings until the power failed

We've been living in a tinderbox
And two sparks can set the whole thing off
Rubbing up together around the clock
Lately we've been getting more roll than rock
You and me together in a tinderbox
Two sparks can set the whole thing off
Rubbing up together around the clock
Lately we've been getting more roll than rock
Tinderbox Lyrics
You and me together in a tinderbox

Godzilla came in disguise
Tore the building down right before our eyes
Kept the needle out of the red balloon
Was he worried we might go too far
Maybe wind up rhyming moon and June

The sun descends down in Mexico
While a fancy car back on Savile Row
Shows the price of fame leads to overkill
Things are gonna have to change
Some holes along the road get filled

[repeat chorus]

Pressure's gonna cook us if we don't unlock it
Guns going off if we don't uncock it
We've gotta climb out of the other one's pocket
Or we're gonna burn, out on this beautiful rocket

[repeat chorus]

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