Elton John - You Can Make History

Текст песни Elton John - You Can Make History

Music by elton john

Lyrics by bernie taupin

Available on the 1996 us album love songs

I can feel the time closing in

I can feel the years crawling through my skin

And if I doubt myself I can count on the rain

To cover the tears of this aging game

But I can count on you to play your part

I dont miss a beat of your animal heart

And when you push from behind I know I can

Cover a mountain with the palm of my hand

And oh babe, you can make history young again

You could rewrite, you could decide

The things that should or shouldnt have been

You could look at me in the scheme of things

Oh babe, you could make history young again

I can watch the weeks sweeping by

I can recollect the hearts hanging out to dry

When the world shuts down I can touch my fears

I can hear lost youth ringing in my ears

But I lost nothing when I gained you

You just blew me away with yesterdays news

When you run your fingers down my spine

Its like throwing a switch on the hands of time

Ancient minds, ancient lives

Got a way of coming around

If I knew then what I know now

Id make it back to you somehow

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