Elvis Presley - Guitar Man (1967/68)

Текст песни Elvis Presley - Guitar Man (1967/68)

Guitar Man

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Well, I quit my job down at the car wash,
Left my mama a goodbye note,
By sundown Id left Kingston,
With my guitar under my coat,
I hitchhiked all the way down to Memphis,
Got a room at the YMCA,
For the next three weeks I went huntin them nights,
Just lookin for a place to play,
Well, I thought my pickin would set em on fire,
But nobody wanted to hire a guitar man.

Well, I nearly bout starved to death down in Memphis,
I run outta money and luck,
So I bought me a ride down to Macon, Georgia,
On a overloaded poultry truck,
I thumbed on down to Panama City,
Started pickin out some o them all night bars,
Hopin I could make myself a dollar,
Makin music on my guitar,
I got the same old story at them all night piers,

There aint no room around here for a guitar man
We dont need a guitar man, son

So I slept in the hobo jungles,
Roamed a thousand miles of track,
Till I found myself in Mobile Alabama,
At a club they call Big Jacks,
A little four-piece band was jammin,
So I took my guitar and I sat in,
I showed em what a band would sound like,
With a swingin little guitar man.
Show em, son

If you ever take a trip down to the ocean,
Find yourself down around Mobile,
Make it on out to a club called Jacks,
If you got a little time to kill,
Just follow that crowd of people,
Youll wind up out on his dance floor,
Diggin the finest little five-piece group,
Up and down the Gulf of Mexico,
Guess whos leadin that five-piece band,
Well, wouldnt ya know, its that swingin little guitar man.

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