En Vogue - Dissed Him

Текст песни En Vogue - Dissed Him

Dissed him, now I miss him,but I miss him because I dissed him. but he done me wrong and I'm not that strong to resist him, so I dissed him. Should I have kissed him when I dissed him? Should I have dissed when I really miss him? I don't really know but I'm all and now I miss him, I really miss him.
Now that he's gone out of my life, I don't know rather to laugh or to cry. It cuts like a knife, everytime we say goodbye, I wanna die. He's so deserving, but he's so self serving, he made me so mad I know it;s sad 'cause now I want him so bad. But he lied to me and he knows that that shit ain't gonna fly with me.

Weeks go by he doesn't show, I can't breath no more and my heart is aching so. Confuse emotions in every way and if I could have him here then I'd see better days. If he could see what he's done to me. I can't sleep and I can't eat and I'm on my knees, begging the Lord to find my love and send him back 'cause now I realize he was the apple of my eye.

So what do I do I'm so in love with you but somethings got to change I can't go on this way. I spent plenty nights trying to make it right 'cause I love you boy and I want you inmy life. It's like a melody in a song that's haunting me. The memories of deceit makes it hard for us to creep. I need a little disicioline in my life, 'cause my soul I won't sacrifice


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