En Vogue - Strange

Текст песни En Vogue - Strange


It really isnt clear

What the story is my dear

So Ill have to analyze

All those lies and alibis

One look was all it took

Cause I know you like a book

You think youre cleaver

Those endeavors, that youre hiding

Im deciding that were through


Got a feeling youve been lying to me lately

When we kiss I get a bad vibration

You tried to hide the guilt in your eyes

Leaving clues without a trace

We used to talk and now youre always quiet

I ask you why, you say that youre just tired

You get a call and youre ready to walk out the door

And I think its kinda strange


My suspicions are killing me

But I dont wanna point the finger at you

You say I shouldnt place the blame

But it seems youre playing games

How much longer must I tolerate this madness



So low I cant get under it

So high I cant get over it

So wide I cant get around it

And its looking mighty strange

Yesterday I saw you across town

Buying roses, thats something you never do

When you got home, hello is all I got from you

Dont cha think thats kinda strange

I been feelin kinda funny since the last time

Cause you left in such a hurry, tryin to buy time

If youre doing what Im thinking that youre going

Then I think you need to change




I cant say when

But it seems it all began

When I felt an icy tingle down my spine

You say its in my mind

So I must resolve to find

Little pieces of the puzzle that fit

You think youre so slick

But Im up on all your tricks

And I think youre soon to be

A small part of history

I know its hard to see

So how you are cheating me

You cant hide

I cant stop it

Cant get by it

And to top it off, youre strange

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