En Vogue - Whatta Man

Текст песни En Vogue - Whatta Man

Whatta man, whatta man, whatta mighty good man!

(repeat 4 times)

I wanna take a minute or two, and give much respect to -

To the mans thats made a difference in my world.

And although most men are hoes, he goes on the down-low

Cuz I never heard about him with another girl.

But I dont sweat it because its just pathetic to let it,

Get me involved in that he said she said crowd.

I know that aint nobody perfect, I give props to those who deserve it,

And believe me yall hes worth it.

So heres to the future cuz we got through the past,

I finally found somebody who can make me laugh. (ha ha ha)

You so crazy...i think I wanna have yo baby.

Whatta man, whatta man, whatta man, whatta mighty good man!

(repeat 4 times)

My man is smooth like barry, and his voice got bass.

A body like arnold with a denzel face. hes smart like a doctor

With a real good rep, and when he comes home, hes relaxed with pep.

He always got a gift for me everytime I see him.

Alot of snot nose, ex-flames couldnt be him.

He never ran a corny line once to me yet, so I give him stuff

That hell never forget. he keeps me on cloud 9 just like intended.

Hes not a fake wannabe, tryin to be a pimp. he dresses like a

Davadon, but even in jeans, hes a God sent origional,

The man of my jeans.

Yes my man says he loves me, never says he loves me not. not to

Rush me good and touch me in the right spot.

See other guys that Ive had, theyve tried to play all the mac,

But everytime they tried, Ive said "thats not it!"

But not this man, hes got the right potion, baby rub it down

And make it smooth like lotion. hes the origional highway to

Heaven. from seven to seven hes got me open like 7 eleven, and

Yes its me that hes always choosin. with him Im never loosin,

And he knows that my name is not susan. he always has heavy

Conversation for the mind, whuch means a lot to to me cuz good men

Are hard to find.

Whatta man, whatta man, whatta man, whatta might good man!

(repeat 4 times)

Whatta mighty mighty good man! know what Im saying? whatta

Might mighty good man yall! yall dont hear me. now check

Him out.

My man gives real lovin, thats why I call him killa. hes not a

Wam bam, thank-you-maam, hes a thrilla. he takes his time,

And does everything right. knocks me out with one shot for

The rest of the night. hes a real smooth brotha, never in a

Rush. and he gives me goose pimples with every single touch, spends

Quality time with his kids when he can. secure in his manhood

Cuz hes a real man. a lover, and a fighter, and hell knock

Another out. dont take him for a sucka, cuz its not what hes

About. everytime I need him, he always got my back. never dis-

Respectful, cuz his momma taught him that.

Whatta man, whatta man, whatta man, whatta mighty good man!

(repeat 4 times)

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