Entwine - Bleeding For The Cure

Bleeding For The CureEntwine3:12

Текст песни Entwine - Bleeding For The Cure

You're holding all the pain inside

And you're thinking about the end to come

It seems to be the only thing for you what's real

So you feel that you've become

Too cynical to live your life

And you believe that there is no way to be free

So you're losin' all your time

To figure out what's wrong and right

But, I believe that you have more than this to give

Well, it's not me who will decide

Who's lovin' who and what is right

Because it's you who has the power to forgive


You're blessed to cry

As you change your point of view

And you lead your fears to burn

You're blessed to fly

And able to return

When you're bleeding for the cure
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