Erasure - Supernature

Текст песни Erasure - Supernature

(written by Cerrone/Wisnical/Lovic)
Once upon a time
Science opened up the door
We would feed the hungry fields
Til they couldn't eat no more
But the potions that we made
Touched the creatures down below
And they grow up in a way
That we'd never seen before
Supernature, supernature
Supernature, supernature
They were angry with the man
Cause changed their way of life
And they take their sweet revenge
As they trample through the night
For hundred miles or more
You could hear the people cry
But there is nothing you can do
Even God is on their side
(God is on, God is on, God is on their side)
Supernature, supernature
Supernature, supernature
Cars will break the light
Come flowing in the air
The creature will decide

Who goes where
How can I explain
Things are different today
Darkness all around
No one makes a sound
Such a sad affair
No one seems to care
Supernature, supernature
Supernature, supernature
Better watch out
There's no way to stop it now
You can't escape
It's too late
Look what you've done
There's no place that you can run
The monsters made
We must pray
Maybe nature has a plan
To control the ways of man
He must start from scratch again
Many battles must he win
til he earns his place on earth
Like the other creatures do
Will there be a happy end
Now that all depends on you
Supernature, supernature
Supernature, supernature
Supernature, supernature
Supernature, supernature

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