Erykah Badu - Today

Текст песни Erykah Badu - Today

Please oh please
wear blue ain't green
so flowers can bloom and birds can sing

Hang out with your friends
cool breezing sun
and I'ma join y'all so we can all have fun

and blow me a kiss
and dry my clothes
while I run through the sheets like I'm 5 years old

You got the natural wood grain with the big ol' 'fro
your fresh 15's got me ridin' low

smile today
smile today
smile today

See you got this new man
who treats you wrong
but I'ma do you good before you're used and gone

and if you feelin' kinda grey
I understand
emotions sway but I'm still your friend

You got bugs in your house
that you let run free
but if they don't bug you then they don't bug me

See, I respect you and you respect me back
so I'ma make sure I put my trash in the sack

smile today
smile today..
(feel good today)

In orange and brown you look so young
so let's spend the night 'n tell purple to come

and I'ma sing you a song so play that track
with the crickets in the back that so abstract

and as I take a deep breath
I close my eyes
I say a little prayer for the sun to rise

and I see in the morning all bright and fresh
and I'll be the girl in the yellow dress
new day, new day

smile today
smile today

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