Erykah Badu - Tyrone (Extended Version)

Tyrone (Extended Version)Erykah Badu5:42

Текст песни Erykah Badu - Tyrone (Extended Version)

Alright then

Verse 1:

I'm gettin tired of your shit
you don't never buy me nothin
And every time you come around
you got to bring Jim, James, Paul and Tyrone

Now why can't we be by ourselves sometimes
see I've been having this on my mind for a long time
I just want it to be you and me like it used to be, baby
but you don't know how to act, so matter fact


I think you better call Tyrone (call him)
And tell him come on, help you get your shit
You need to call Tyrone (call him)
And tell him I said come on

Verse 2:

Now every time I ask you for a little cash
you say no but turn right around and ask me for some ass
oh well hold up listen partna I ain't no cheap thrill
cuz Miss Badu's always comin for real, you know the deal nigga

Everytime we go somewhere
i gosta reach down in my purse
to pay your way and your homeboys way
and sometimes your cousin's way

When we all went out to eat
you made me ride in the backseat
now that ain't right child
I said that ain't right child no


So I think you better call Tyrone (call him)

and tell him come on, help you get your shit
you need to call Tyrone (call him)
but you can't use my phone


Oh take my pills pay my bills
I'm here to let you know that what I feel is real
day to day life with you is no thrill
it's getting late no time to wait
get go on so I can meditate
hummm...hummm ha

Light my cone sing my song
I don't give a damn if I'm right or wrong
toodle loo toodle loo
dadiada da da da

Doodle day or night wrong or right
tell your boys to find another place to watch the fight
don't make me go get big Mike

Oh so tell your boys at the liquor store
that your gonna need a place to go
I don't care butchu gots to leave
you can tell 'em you broke up with me

I wanted you to massage my toes
but you'd rather play dominoes
so baby get up off your knees and hands
and go and tell it to the preacher man ha


But first I think ya need to call Tyrone (call him)
and tell him come on help you get your shit
you need to call Tyrone (call him)
hold on
but ya can't use my phone

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