Eurythmics - My Place

Текст песни Eurythmics - My Place

my place
some people say it's
bad taste
one thing that I can see
they take themselves
too seriously
my shoes
they once were worn by
Howard Hugues
but I know
I'm never gonna walk
that way

that's why I need you
I need you
there is no other girl
in any other world
no barbarella kiss
can make me feel like this
I need you

tell me your stars
I'll tell you what your chances are
one thing that I can see
you take yourself too seriously
my place
it might as well be outer space

but I know it's always gonna be that way

that's why I want you
I want you
there is no other chance
no other circumstance
no way to change the past
now is here to last
I want you

have you ever been stood in the middle of the street
with a mindful of doubt and the world at your feet
when your heads full of rain on a bright sunny day
and the words in your head are like cold lumps of clay
never feeling home was a place you belong
so you get lost in the words of a Bob Dylan song
staying up all night with a royal marine
trying to learn the chords to Moonage Daydream

that's why I need you
and I want you
there is no other girl
in any other world
no way to chage the past
now you're here at last
and I need you ......

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