Everlast - Gone for Good

Gone for GoodEverlast3:13

Текст песни Everlast - Gone for Good

I got a dopefiend lean, I got a cocaine pain
I got a vodka dead itch and I got shit for brains
Got a hard luck woman, got a few good friends
Got a couple nice hustles that'll get you some ends
Got an old man's soul, got a heart of gold
Got a brand new shovel dig me out of this hole
Got a whole lot of nothin, I'm ready to give
I need a whole lot of lovin girl I'm eager to live
It go one for the money, two for the show
I got a one trick pony you can ride her slow
Cause she's good to go, and when I'm gone for good
I'll be unappreciated and misunderstood
Got a brand new bag, got a brand new style
Got a brand new baby girl that makes me smile
Got a pocket full of money, got a payday swagger
Got a .45 pistol, and a switchblader dagger

And I'm, holdin on, with all I got
I see the world keep turnin, fires keep burnin down
We're all, holdin on with all we got
Tryin to poison all the water, make porno stars of your daughters in town

Better wake up, you oughta stop messin around
Quit pretendin like the motherfuckin walls ain't crumblin down

I got a one track mind, got a double standard
I got a woman so fine and that's the way that I planned it
Got a part time job, got a full time hobby
I get drunk at the bar and fall asleep in the lobby
If I'm late for the show, you don't have to worry
I just live for today so I ain't in no hurry
My vision is blurry, my head has been throbbin
I got to fightin with the wife and she hung up on me sobbin
Got a hole in my heart, got the guiltiest feeling
I got a bottle of the Jameson that's how I keep dealing
Got a pill for the pain, got some trees for the blowin
Got twenty-five thousand mo' miles to be goin
I got, no way of knowin, got no way of tellin
Ain't nobody on my side and I got nuttin I'm sellin
Got the clothes on my back, got the songs that I'm singin
Got the love in my heart, got the drama I'm bringin


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