Everlast - The Rythm

Текст песни Everlast - The Rythm

Voice: The rythm is both the songs manicle and it's demanicle
charge... The rythm x20, I'm Everlast born to be a cauncasion but it
makes no difference what persasion as long as you know how to get up
on the floor and start working a sweat to a musical muasure that makes
you ove, as soon as the needle drops into the groove so get up and
dance to the get down giving, forget about your troubles get into the
rythm. Talking about the rythm x10,, yo yo you know what the world
needs? RYTHM! The rythm x10, you linger for the rap singer when
Diamond D brings the party to the deal my presence is felt world wide,
you don't dance to this it's suicide, put your hands into the air on
the MC cop the girlies are pipen' hot natorious Lama is how I'm livin'
don't step to me step to the rythm talking about the rythm x10...You

make me feel so hot like I said before we need rythm, talking about
the rythm x5...All we need is rythm...Listen to the tracks that roll
watch the mic as it glows the lethal weapon got you trapped in this
dance mode, Ice T is throwin' words at you like dodge ball, yuo gotta
move get hit, if yuo get hit, you fall, no joking no boats and no
bragging grip, the mic like a 44 magnum. You want me to write soft
rythm's...SORRY I write the rythm. Talking about the rythm...Talking
about the rythm x10...We need rythm for the world to have peace and
unity we need rythm first...On your make me hot rythm, rythm talking
about the rythm.......BOOM!

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