Everlast - Today (Watch Me Shine)

Today (Watch Me Shine)Everlast5:04

Текст песни Everlast - Today (Watch Me Shine)

Yesterday, just a dream I don't remember
Tommorrow, still I hope I get to ending
I'm out of time, I'm out of rhyme, I'm out of reason
Seasons change and leave me out in the cold
Story's old, tale's been told by many scholar
Got fist full of dollars, and a pocket full of love
God above, if you hear me crying
Tried to sell my soul but no one's buying
Lord, strike me down now, if I'm lying
It's getting cold, it's time for dying

Come on and watch me shine
Like the world is mine
Today, come on and watch me shine
Like the world is mine
Today, watch me shine

Let man who's free from sin
Cast the first stone and begin the violence

Let man whose words ring true
Speak on up till his voice breaks through the silence
Let the one's who lose their way
Live to see just one more day in the sunshine
Let the one's who chose to stray
Recognize the price they'll pay in their lifetime


Sitting here, waiting for my roads to cross
You nailed me down and you watched me bleed
So lay my head against the earth
Plant my body like a seed
You can't always get the things you want, love
Get what you deserve and maybe what you need
So fill my hole with precious dirt, love
Turn the soil and plot the weed


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