Everlast - What is This?

Текст песни Everlast - What is This?

(What is it?)
(This is everlasting)

Step up while I inject
An overdose of intellect
An overload of my vibrations
Better yet a new sensation
I was lost but then he found me
Though corruption did surround me
I was taken to a higher
Level of earth and fire
Where the souls of men would burn
They were taught but did not learn
About the righteous laws of God
We're all just seeds among the sod
Take any roots and tryin to grow
Though the process may seem slow
Please take heed to my suggestion
Learn the answer to the question
What is this

(This is everlasting)
(What is it?)
What is this?
(This is everlasting)

(Heavens to Mergatroid)

(What is it?)

Not speakin on my physical, my mental, or my aura
I'm speaking on my soul, for to burn would be true horror
There's no such thing as luck, your life is in the hands of God
So do not treat his righteous laws with blatant disregard
In order to follow the Lord's path, here's all you must do
Do unto each of your brothers as you'd have them do you
This golden rule is all you need, and you will be rewarded
The man that don't, will pay the price and believe me, you can't afford it

(This is everlasting)
(What is it?)
What is this?
(This is everlasting)

This is for the ones who war over whose God is the right one
Can it be the Asian one, the black one or the white one?
The answer to the question really isn't controversial
There is only one God and his love is universal
If you sin and crave redemption, all you need to do is ask him
Then you will be fully prepared for a life that's everlasting
So take heed to the words I say, grab a good book and get hip to
The teachings of the holy Q'uran or the Bible's holy scripture

(This is everlasting)
(What is it?)
What is this?
(This is everlasting)

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